Elementos del menú

Seasonal fish

squid or baby squid, grilled or bbq. Price according to market

Grilled turbot grilled

over holm oak with roaster of potato and onion (2 per). Price par Kg

Grilled zamburiñas (like scallops)

with green sauce

Grilled sardines


Crayfish with garlic shoots

sobrasada and fried egg to top

La Gin-Gamba

prawns in garlic oil with gin

Veal sweetbreads with creamed potatoes

with garlic and potato parmentier 

Ñas Coca chicken

Chicken fingers with barbacue sauce and mustard/honey

Huevos Muy Padre

two good fried eggs with french fries, padron peppers and lots of black label bellota ham certified of Valle de Alonso de Huelva

Varied of croquettes

squid, oxtail and shrimp